For many years I have considered myself a healthy person. At the end of junior high, I stopped eating junk food, started working out, and drank only juice, water and milk. Fast-forward more than a decade and I’m married with a toddler. I gained weight during pregnancy (30 lbs.) and worked really hard through dieting (Weight Watchers) and exercise (3-4 hours of intense aerobics per week) to lose most of the weight.

I tried to prepare healthy meals for our family, but all of a sudden one day our daughter started liking the processed snacks more than the fruits and veggies we had been giving her. Now, I may be a first-time mom but even I know that kids go through phases. What bothered me was what was in these snacks which was absolutely nothing of real nutritional value and some things I couldn’t pronounce. I started looking more closely at what she was eating, and I was shocked.

About the same time, I was browsing through Netflix and came across Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which didn’t make me feel much better about all the processed foods we were consuming. Practically everything in my kitchen was processed! Most of us, myself included, are not so extreme as to go on a juice fast, throw out all the food we own and start eating only whole foods which in many cases cost more and take more time to prepare.

So the purpose of this blog is to chronicle how our family is going to baby step our way to eating whole foods (including our picky toddler). Hopefully our story can inspire you to make some substitutions in your family’s diet too!

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